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I beg to differ Filmoss but yes we can keep surviving like this. I’ve seen more than enough from Bobby’s teams and tactics to convince me he can turn it around …again!.

We were outplayed by a a Southampton side on Saturday that were excellent on the day, just like we have been on many occasions.

The only thing that we lack is consistency. On our day, given our fair share of luck and key reffing decisions, we have shown that we can beat the best in this league. It’s the same manager, the same players, the same tactics whether we do excel or we flop. Bobby must be more frustrated than us as we only see the players on match days, he sees them every day in training and must think your looking good guys get out there and deliver.

Lets just agree to differ for the time being and reconvene around the business end of the season after the Easter period.

If you thought Southampton were a good side then I rest my case ! ;)