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One thing that nobody, including myself one of the most ‘half empty’ people you will meet, admittedly, can criticize the club for the ticket prices. Especially season tickets.

Whenever anybody asks me how much I pay for my season ticket (non Latics fans), they can’t believe it.

I wonder what would happen with the prices if we went down. Would they be kept the same, or made even lower? COULD they go lower? I think over the season, it works out at around £13 a game for me with my season ticket. That is unquestionably superb. If I paid in a one-off game at Skem United, which is, I think, the SEVENTH tier of football in this country, it would cost me about £8 I think. So it costs me a fiver extra to watch Premiership football.

Super duper! :cheer:

Didn’t you leave this board yesterday Apple Bollocks?[/quote]

I wish you would. Nob.[/quote]

“Soft lad….maybe TOO soft of a lad, and a bit like paedos in the fact that nobody likes them, some hate them. Often he is his own worst enemy, sometimes he a try hard. Perhaps sometimes he just whinges about the club TOO much, and wants them to fail for validation on the internet?”