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I wonder how much that type of work pays?? :blink:
There is nowt that is written there that any Tom, Dick or Harry couldn’t write after watching Latics 3 or 4 times & the same goes for pretty much any team
Pretty much every Latics fan (even the most optimistic lightsiders) could have done that if asked

In fact he’s actually missed out a few things including Al Habsi’s habit of palming shots back into the danger zone & I think he’s been a bit harsh on McArthur’s defensive ability
I’m also sure that there are some Latics fans dismayed that he’s not mentioned Beausejour’s a bit of a chubber & did I read it right that one of our players (David Jones was it?) is 1000% fit – that’s some going that!!

He also missed out:

Di Santo is 6’4” but can’t head
Al Habsi can’t kick for toffee
Beausejour hasn’t got the pace to take a man on
Kone’s second touch is quite often a header
If you shout ‘shoot’ Figueroa usually does

….and I’m on the Lightside!

Money for all rope springs to mind. He must have written his scouting notes while watching Match Of The Day.