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Superb performance yesterday, with some clinical finishing to boot.

No complaints from any Latics fans, surely.

Read the Wigan today comments for real negativity. Unbelievable[/quote]

Hallelujah!!!! B) goodpost :whistle:[/quote]


I will ALWAYS give praise if it is due, and also will criticize if I feel it is necessary.

But Sunday was a classic, clinical performance. I was very pleased.[/quote]

It wasn’t actually aimed at you Dave, your comment just happened to be in the same quote box as the person my Hallelujah jibe was aimed at. B)[/quote]

Fair enough, John. Cheers.[/quote]

Surely not me fat fella, thought we’d called a truce?

But just to drag it out a bit more, I enjoyed Sunday thanks but that was the point of my post your referring to again, i.e level playing field means more wins and that nice weekend feeling !!

Now lets just leave it shall we, I’m converted and will try my very best not to go down the route of the Wigan Today Suicide Watch posters![/quote]

…and my post was tongue in cheek, so everything now ok buddy.

From Matlock to ManU
What a journey!