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Huge credit to Southampton. They chased and harried us, closed us down quickly, and probably deserved more.

Our players needed to up the pace and didn’t. Nothing to do with tactics or selection – all to do with players’ minds.

I agree Scharner had a good game. I noticed all through the game his movement at corners created a lot of space, and it surely can’t be coincidence that both goals came from corners.

Agree fully with that. Very impressed with Southampton. Showed us exactly what we are NOT doing. Our passing is so slow and not forward-going enough. I have to say it never seemed as though Southampton were playing with an isolated forward like we do in Di Santo. There seemed to be closer movement from Lambert, Rodriguez, and Ramirez. Never did they seem to be too isolated and outnumbered.

I suggest Martinez studies how they operate and copies them. We have the players that can play that way, but don’t. We showed glimpses late last season of playing high-tempo and look what happened? Much better.

Perplexed why Henriquez never came on until 89th minute. At least his kit won’t need a wash, I suppose.

Scharner? If we had 3 or 4 other players that had his passion and heart, we wouldn’t be where we are.

I could say a lot more about our performance today, but I won’t. I came on with intention of launching a scathing attack….but thankfully, the posts by Garswood_Latic, etc have calmed me down and given me a more constructive platform for comment.