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Thanks for the info.

We haven’t booked yet (hoping to do so in next fortnight) and have been looking at staying around the Times Square area.

There’s so much we want to see that I doubt we’ll do it all in 4 days especially if most places are shut on Thanksgiving but we’ll probably use that day to walk around Central Park and the like after the parade.[/quote]

Just be aware that when they talk about the Times Sqaure area for hotels, they don’t just mean the immediate vicinity of the very centre of Times Square where the famous big neeon billboards are, for example. You may end up walking a few blocks to get to there, but it’s not a million miles away – probably less than one, actually :) It is a handy place to stay though.[/quote]

As a rough guide, I think 42nd Street basically cuts through Times Square. The Hotel Edison is one hotel on Times Square. It’s been up years that. Broadway is WEST of Times Square.[/quote]
I stayed at the Edison.

Good location.