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Jonny, with all due respect we have been in the top flight for 8 seasons on the bounce now and people STILL say to me it’s a rugby town ! Also the media STILL don’t really take us seriously and often hint that the clock is ticking. As for the BBC and MOTD ! Don’t get me started ! FA Cup win for me, the very fact that WAFC will be on the roll of honour and something else that no Wiganer can have ever have envisaged in their life ! Preston won the FA Cup ( Twice ) and look at them now but ask any Nob Ender about history and they will gladly remind you that they DID indeed win the cup twice. Even AFC Wimbledon have triangle corner flags at Kingsmeadow despite MK Dons really being the previous winners of the cup ( Debatable amongst fans of both clubs ! ) and they are proud of that history, a history that can NEVER be taken away from them ( try telling one of their fans that they have never won the FA Cup ! ) The FA Cup to me will always be special and it is such a shame that a money orientated monster has come between it and the fans. All the lower league teams still left in the competition including a certain Blue Square Premier side will cherish their respective big days out in the coming few days, it will provide a break from the norm and humdrum of their usual match day experiences just as our latest cup exploits have to many fans but in a strange reverse scenario ! We aint had a great deal to cheer about this season and so why not lift morale and have something that is within touching distance, silverware that is there to be won, something that can NEVER be taken from us !

And Phil, with all due respect you’ve just reinforced my argument!

Wigan RL have been, arguably, the most famous British Rugby League team since around 1923, whilst we’ve been in the top league of English football for just eight of the last hundred-and-odd years.

Now that Rugby League is not the media’s pet project that it was in the early 90s, and English football is being televised across the world, the longer we stay in the Premier League, the more exposure we get.

If we stay in the Premier League, millions of people see us play football. If we won the FA cup and got relegated, half the football watching world will have forgotten about that and us in a couple of year’s time.

We need to stay here for as long as possible so that kids watching us now become adults who remember nothing other than Wigan being one of the country’s top sides.

I doubt many of your Preston supporting mates were around when they last won the cup, and they’re clinging to it because they have f’ck all else to gloat about since they were relegated in the 60s.

I’d rather be talking about our recent games against Man Utd and Arsenal than when we won the FA Cup in 1938![/quote]
We will never loose”its a rugby town” the journos and tv pundits cant help there selfs,so millions across the world will hear this.It comes on tv at 3.30 on sundat it will be 3.45 when it gets said :whistle:[/quote]

We will. When Rugby League goes bust in the next few years ;)