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We will never loose”its a rugby town” the journos and tv pundits cant help there selfs,so millions across the world will hear this.It comes on tv at 3.30 on sundat it will be 3.45 when it gets said :whistle:

But my whole point is, the longer we stay in this league the more chance we have of changing all that.

Apart from in the UK, we’re already known as a Premiership football town, and the longer we stay here, the more that spreads, and with Rugby League shrinking season on season, and Wigan RL not being the force they once were, trust me, the pundits will soon forget about the RL tag.

The more coverage we get, the better name we get and the more chance we have of signing better players, attracting investors and enticing new supporters to come and watch us.

(I’m tempted to break into a ‘I have a dream..’ speech)