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    Naismith has had is ups and downs with Latics and the fans… there was a run where every time he came on the pitch we would end up losing from a winning position.
    But I feel he grew towards the end of last season and was one of the stars. This season though, he seemed to want to do everything but ended up doing very little, his attitude wasn’t great and was left out of the team for a while and I am not sure whether to believe he was injured or not.

    However, he was one of the ‘old heads’ that the kids could learn from and he will possibly leave as we are about to get sorted out on and off the pitch. It certainly clears a bigish wage, but not sure what the cost will be in term s of the league

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

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    When he came on at Rangers, my initial impression was pants !

    Since then he has grown on me a bit; but he is not the most irreplaceable player that we have ever lost.

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