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    I hope you can help me – My name is Colin Williamson and back in the old Springfield Park days I signed schoolboy forms with Wigan Athletic. Ray Mathias was the boss and he signed me (from St Helens schools) and another boy from Preston on the same day. I think it was in 1988 and I remember going into the boardroom with Ray and Dave Crompton (youth coach) to sign the schoolboy registration forms.

    I remember seeing my name in the matchday programme a few weeks later and kept a copy, but I cannot find this relic anywhere! I would love to show my children that their dad had his 15 minutes of fame, but equally I want to show my father in law as he has been a season ticket holder for many years at the Latics and he would be made up to see it.

    I don’t have much detail, I think I signed in the summertime, Ray was in charge and it could have been 1988 but possibly a year either side. I left the latics when the apprenticeships were handed out a couple of years later as I was insistent on staying at school to study for A levels – what a mistake! I dont need the programme (though it would be nice), just a copy of the schools section at the back with my name in.

    I would be made up if anyone had a copy. The club directed me to this site as they don’t have old issues!

    thanks for looking in advance


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    Do you have any idea who we were playing when you was in the programme?

    If you could narrow the dates down, it would help.

    I have a load of programmes from those years, gathering dust in bags in my dads garage. If I could find the programme, and there is a good chance of it, I’d gladly send it to you.
    I helped a Luton Town fan out with a request for a programme, last year, from a cup game against us from 1987.

    If you could pinpoint the season it was in, I’d have a good chance of finding it.


    P.S. Just checked the dates, and Ray Mathias left Latics in 1989.

    acefaceaaron yates
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    i have a lot on at work but i will try and get in loft to go through my programmes mate

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    Hiya Dave,

    I really should know the year, but i’m not 100% – I think it was 88-89. Some of the Wigan players were Page, Griffiths, Rimmer, Parkinson but this could be a red herring because I watched the latics for the whole time I was at the club so I reckon I was there between 88 & 90.

    Some good youth players at the time were Sonner, Pennock, Nugent. This may help if you see these names in the programme?

    I don’t know why but Gillingham rings a bell? this could be a significant game I watched or even maybe the programme in question that i’m after?

    The youth section was right at the back of the review.

    Thanks for your reply Dave, and the offer if you locate it! I loved it at Wigan, I liked the dirty changing rooms, the showers falling to bits. I hated running from Springfield Park to Robin park for training through the Summer and seeing the bus meet us there with all the older lads on board – but generally good fun!

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    Thanks aceface

    Please only look for it if you go in your loft, dont go up especially for me! after all deep down I am only reminiscing about what might have been!!!

    Thanks again


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    All my programmes from 76 – 93 dissappeared when i moved house about ten years ago, otherwise I would have definately had it.

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