Spoiler alert.
Match Report Wigan 3 Watford 2.
As the official New Zealand WAFC match reporter, I feel very disappointed for all you folks up north. Clearly you are going to very different games to those that I am reporting on. I have seen some spectacular goals and some hard-fought wins.
This report has had to be quickly rewritten. Initially the game was never played, but since they’ve been paid and Leam has said stay a bit longer and not go to WBA when anyway he should be sacked, it had a late kick off.
Watford travelled up the M1 and M6 with 2 ex Wigan players in the bus. The post-match stats show that what a kind and family orientated club Wigan is. The team feel they have a moral duty to let their mates score. The balooga whale of a defender Leon Balogun was allowed a gaol against us at QPR in return for his good work at the DW.
Tom Cleverley, who did some spectacular stuff for us guided by the master tactician, Roberto, suddenly felt worryingly at home. He collected the ball after a poor pass from the only mistake of the game by WhatMore to Shinnie. Tom remembered the decisive goal he scored at Wolverhampton to win 2 – 1 for Wigan and help avoid relegation in 2011. In it went. Nothing flash, nothing spectacular but he is a lot older now. Wigan 0 – Watford 1.
Heads went down, the crowd booood and half of ES2 walked out, there wasn’t even a fire practice, and the game was only 8 minutes old.
Suddenly the lads heard that their pay had come through. As if to get his own back “Fletchwhoshouldn’t be sub”, so says his brother, picked up the ball from an inch perfect pass from Jimmy Mc, hurtled towards the goal as if he was going back to Watford to put it in the bank, and he found ‘The Gap’. Wigan 1 – Watford 1.
Next it was time to give the old boy Camara a favour. Even though he didn’t need to, he dinked and wove his way down the right wing, he also found Watford Gap, and hammered it in. What a topsy turvy game. Wigan 1 – Watford 2. Half time.
That was the favours out of the way. Time to get down to work. Nyambe flew down the wing, it was looking like a goal so the ref blew his whistle. It was ignored, a perfectly weighted ball to the back post Cleverley jumped to clear the line, and in it went. Own goal. 2 – 2.
Even though there were no injuries and no substitutions the 4th official could sense a Watford win, they were putting on so much pressure. He gave 6 minutes ET. ‘WHAaaat’, said the crowd. “WTF”.
Amos held onto the ball for 5 minutes, kicked long up the pitch Magennis got a touch but was unable to control. It bounced off his heel, onto the cross bar and out. The ball caught Camara’s flailing legs and in it went. Own goal. Wigan 3 – Watford 2. The ref was so hacked off he blew the whistle.