2012 is nearly here and we want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope it brings all that you ask for. Cockney Latic once again want to thank you for your support, without you it would be pointless running the number Wigan Athletic fanzine site.

Following Wigan Athletic is like riding a roller coaster, it has its downs but it also has some major highs. There has been some great results this year and but for some atrocious refereeing decisions we could have it even better, these officials will realise one day that the world does not stop after the so called big four or five and that football will survive a lot longer if they got over their huge egos.

2012 will hopefully see us improve and move on to the next step in this ever extending ladder, their is good competition in the lower two thirds of the Premier League now and with a bit of stability and a couple of new additions we could find ourselves competing near the top of this mini league.

From everybody at Cockney Latic we wish a huge Happy New Year and lets see us replicate the sort of support that saw us through the last 5 games of last season, for the rest of this, and we will for sure be here again next season.

Thanks to all of you for reading the news, stories, match reports and contributing to the message boards, without you all there would be no point in the site existing, have a great 2012.

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