3 Games 7 Points, but still on -1

by | Aug 18, 2023 | News

We ride again

Thanks to the disastrous reign of Mr Al Jasmi, Latics found themselves fighting for players and starting the season off on -8points.

Why is a Football Club penalised for something totally out of their control, surely now new owners are in place the points deduction shouldn’t apply?

The football club suffered, the players suffered and ultimately the fans suffered because of the actions of an owner no-one actually wanted. Yes, they saved us from administration, we will always be grateful for that, but virtually everything else was a bomb site.

It was the owners that employed a CEO on a hugely inflated wage, He in turn put all management on hugely inflated wages, bought players at inflated prices and gave them long term contracts on stupid money. If you believe the rumours, he had something to do with the agents and companies involved in the rebuilding of the club too, but that is a whole other article.

Of course the EFL don’t give a shit about Clubs and fans, as long as they are seen to be doing something. Oh, hang on, Reading haven’t paid their wages on time, just give them a 1 point deduction, the Wigan fans will never notice. We have.

And so to this season, Shaun Maloney has put together a squad with virtually no money, and with some players still on the stupid wages we mentioned earlier.

He had to deal with the leach Watmough going to Preston on a free, because he was shagging a local girl and his wife found out, all via a technicality that the EFL allowed and promoted.

But he started off life in League one with two wins and a draw, beating the title favourites on the opening day. Performances have been decent for a side that has only been together for a few weeks, and fans are totally behind the gaffer, for now.

Bolton is up next and what would the town be like if we managed to turn over the title second favourites, this writer will be bouncing all the way home if it happens.

So we are still to get into positive figures, but hopefully it won’t be long, and we can have our first uneventful season for almost a decade.

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