Meet Wigan Athletic Chairman Dave Whelan at 4.30pm at the Latics WN1 Club Store when he will be signing copies of his book ‘Playing to Win’

From 4.30pm – Chairman Dave Whelan will be in-store at Latics WN1 in Wigan town centre, to sign copies of his eagerly awaited autobiography ‘Playing To Win.’
Mr. Whelan will also be available to sign books prior to the Birmingham game at the weekend at the DW Stadium Club Shop, he will be there from 1.30 p.m. on Saturday.

For anyone proud of their Wigan heritage this book would make an excellent Christmas gift, and to have a signed copy would make it that extra-bit special!

Available in-store, the book is priced at £18.99 and all proceeds will go towards creating a new Wigan Boys & Girls Club, so that future generations of Wigan children can benefit from the same experiences Dave Whelan had as a boy.


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