Prediction League Bonus Points Starter for 2023-24 Season

by | Jul 11, 2023 | News

Earn your bonus

End of season average 2023/24 competition.

We’ve done this once before, so why not try it again.
Below are our average attendances for the last 9 seasons.

2023 our average was 12210 (R)
2022 our average was 10371 (P)
2021 (Covid)
2020 our average was 10,592 (R)
2019 our average was 11,663 –
2018 our average was 9,152 (P)
2017 our average was 11,772 (R)
2016 our average was 9,467 (P)
2015 our average was 12882 (R)

What do you think the average attendance will be for this season?

You need to do this on the message board thread (here), and Horc will leave this open until the eve of the season and store it until the end of the season.
The nearest to the correct average will be given 5 points to add to their Guess the Gate 2023/24 total in May.

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