There were some really big scoring teams this weekend in the EPL Prediction League sponsored by Lightyear Recruitment; here are the movers and losers of the week.

By far the biggest score came from sjmacker whose 73 points moved him a massive 24 places in the league standings.

Scholesblue wasn’t far behind with 70 points; this brought him up to third place in the league behind alanlad and new table topper martyn89.

After a slow start, Phil T scored an admirable 68 points to move him a huge 22 places in the league up to 22nd, whilst blue l army’s 68 points moved him into 5th place.

Last week’s leader bath latic had a poor week and dropped 6 places to seventh.

Of the guys and gals who are playing for the £100 cash prize scholesblue heads the way some 22 points ahead of fletch in second place and 25 points ahead of last year Cups Prediction League winner Saredt.

There are still loads of you that haven’t accepted the mini league invitation yet, I ask you to please do it, so that we all know where we stand in there rather than having to go to the Prediction League Forum that can be found on the Message Boards.

The Prediction League message board has been set up so that you can ask questions and gloat if need be. The ‘shout box’ on the league is a bit limited, so feel free to use and abuse on the purpose built Prediction League Forum/Message Board.

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Don’t forget, those who have entered the Cup League, there are European games midweek this week.




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