A History of Wigan Athletic F.C.

by | Nov 4, 2021 | News

Wigan Athletic F.C.’s history is full of ups and downs, resulting in a loyal and durable fanbase that will face anything it can with its team. They had humble beginnings but soon gained the respect of their peers as they improved over the years. Read on for all the details of the beloved club.

And a club was born

Before the days of watching football on your phone and live in-play online football betting, in 1932, Wigan Athletic was the result of a disappearing Wigan Borough the previous year. It was the fifth attempt to create a stable football club, after Wigan County, Wigan United, Wigan Town and Wigan Borough, but it was the one that stuck. And even then, it was rough getting off the ground. Their initial application was turned down but was eventually accepted and with the resignation of Manchester Central the team were admitted into the Cheshire County League.

Their first honours were won in the 1933-34 season of the Cheshire League, winning the championship, and moving on to entering the FA Cup for the first time of many.

The club has survived losses, changes in management and even World Wars to get to where it is today.

Early league years

Fast forwarding a few decades, Wigan Athletic had gained a respectable reputation. They gained a place as high as second place in the 1977-78 season of the Northern Premier League and off that high were admitted to the English League where they held their own but resulted in sixth place in 1978. For their first attempt at sitting at the big boys’ table, it was a result that could have been far worse.

They only got better from there. The 1985-86 and 1986-87 seasons saw the team reach fourth place where they generally stayed at mid-level for the next five years.

The team got a major boost in 1995 when local millionaire and JJB Sports owner, Dave Whelan, purchased the club. Through some networking in Spain, he acquired three new Spanish players for the club: Roberto Martinez, Isidro Diaz, and Jesus Seba, who soon came to be known locally as The Three Amigos.

With the injection of money and new players came the dusting off of an old dream: reaching the Premier League. Added to The Three Amigos and the rest of Wigan Athletic was John Deehan to manage the team.

And they made it in the 2005-06 season. Wigan Athletic played their first Premier League match against Chelsea F.C. Despite a 1-0 loss, a string of successes followed and before long Wigan found themselves at second place for the cup.


After a few more leagues of wins and losses, the team was completely overhauled in 2015. Manager and former captain Gary Caldwell oversaw the hiring of an almost entirely new squad and succeeded in an immediate return to, and winning of, the League One title for the second time in the club’s history.

Unfortunately, in July of 2020, the club was forced to enter administration. The club was given a 12-point deduction due to this in the League One season, but despite a great form, they were relegated from the championship after a 1-1 draw with Fulham.

Since April of 2021, Wigan Athletic F.C. has gained a new manager in the form of Leam Richardson. Said to have been impressed with his leadership skills throughout the club’s most trying time, Richardson displayed a calm approach, integrity, and a desire to succeed. A lot of eyes are on him to take the team back into the Premier League and beyond.

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