Or was last weekend just a blip….???? For a long time watching football has seemed liked a criminal offence, a view that some stadium stewards and the police have been only too happy to buy into.

Far too many times I have seen ‘over the top’ reactions from the people that are there supposedly to look after us.

Firstly stewards that think they can be the police just because they have a Hi-viz jacket on.

Secondly is the Police who think that all football fans are scum and should be treated as such.

Though I have seen a massive improvement, watching the Manchester City fan’s abuse by stewards  and police saw the huge strides made take a massive set back.

Fans are allowed to celebrate a goal, common sense must prevail in these situations and what we witnessed on TV was a disgrace.

If the stewards and police had stepped back and waited 30  seconds to a minute, the fans would have returned back to behind the wall and everything would have been fine.

But no, they had to go in heavy handed and prove who was boss, embarrassing themselves and ruining a perfectly great moment and day for some fans. Will that steward get an assault charge, I doubt it.

I was going to go on in more detail until I saw this article on the same thing from the FSF in The guardian, and it really puts things in perspective, please take a moment to read.

Click here for a policeman’s view

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