Beginner’s Guide to Win a Poker Game Now

by | Jun 26, 2020 | News

Poker Guidelines

Getting into poker can be a little tricky for beginners if they aren’t familiar with all the little tips and tricks that more experienced players watch out for when they’re playing a game. If you’re ever in the mood to play Situs Judi Poker Online, there are reliable and safe sites available that can help you find a game whenever you get the urge to play a hand. Winning highly depends on a few tricks that you need to learn to be able to win when the odds are in your favor and when they’re not. We have collected a few points to help you understand the ins and outs of playing poker. 

1. Master the Basics

New players often fall into common mistakes like thinking that their hand is more valuable than another player’s hand when it’s not or calling for a raise when it isn’t their turn yet. To avoid making the same mistakes, read through the poker rule book or go through a poker tutorial online or through websites and applications to cement the basics in your head before you start your poker journey.

2. Learn the Odds

The odds of getting the best hand in the game (a royal flush) is approximately 0.000154%. Knowing the chances of getting the best hands in the game helps you understand when you should risk it and when you shouldn’t. If you have an average hand, then the chances of someone else having a better hand are probably high, so you shouldn’t risk going all-in with a hand that won’t guarantee you the win. You can find many charts stating the exact probabilities of every hand in the game and taking a look at those charts from time to time can help you develop your game even further to increase your chances of winning.

3. Be Picky with Your Hands

A lot of beginners tend to play as many hands as they can as they believe that they could somehow pull a miracle and win. More experienced players highly disagree with that tactic as they think that cutting your losses if you’re dealt an unlucky hand is a much better strategy in the long-term in comparison to playing against the odds. Taking it slow and waiting for the opportune moment to get your win is a much more advised strategy to win more poker games.

4. Bluffing Isn’t as Good as You Think

Watching James Bond bluff by going all-in can be very adrenalizing, but you have to remember that it’s also just a movie. Imitating poker tournaments and movie scenes where they bluff to get the win can work once in a thousand attempts in a real game of poker as it just doesn’t work too often with regular players. By the time that you pull it off once, you’ll be down a lot more than you’ve earned trying to attempt it. While bluffing is a good strategy to implement in certain situations, it requires a lot of skill. So, as a beginner, stick to playing the odds until you get more comfortable with reading your opponents to pull off a bluff.

5. Keep Your Opponents in Mind

Knowing the cards that you have isn’t always enough to make the decision to raise a higher amount in the hand as your opponents are after the win too. Focusing on reading your opponents and predicting the possible hands they have can be very beneficial to making decisions on the table. Learning how to do it quickly can give you a keen edge over other beginners as most new players focus entirely on their own cards that they forget that there are other players in the game.

6. Your Spot on the Table Matters

While it may seem like your spot on the table doesn’t matter at first, you’ll quickly realize that the last person to make their decision gets the most amount of time to decide what they want to do while also getting the chance to see what every other player decided. The last spot on the table is generally viewed as the best for that reason so if you’re unlucky enough to land on the first seat, play with that fact in mind as you may be able to outplay your opponents if you use it to your favor.

7. Practice Against Other Beginners

Getting better at poker is difficult without playing with more experienced players, but it’s also a lot less profitable that way. Playing with other beginners or people with much less experience than you have can improve your strategizing skills while also getting you a very decent amount of money. If you find yourself on a table with very experienced poker players, don’t be afraid to leave as walking away from that challenge will prevent your wallet from getting a lot lighter. 

Don’t Rush Decisions

Poker is a lot like chess when it comes to decision-making as there’s always a lot of things to consider before making a decision. Rushing into a decision can lead to you forgetting to account for a certain aspect and losing a pricey hand. When you’re first starting, take as much time as you need to make a decision as that’ll help you slow down the game and think of every angle. If you’re playing online, you can refer to your notes or tips found online for your hand as you have a good amount of time before you have to make your move.


Going on a losing streak as a beginner can be a little demotivating, especially after you’ve spent your time reading an entire guide on winning poker games. Sadly, reading poker guides won’t turn you into a professional poker player overnight, however, learning from the mistakes you make in your games can help you improve dramatically. Viewing your losses as a learning experience rather than just another loss can put you in the mindset you need to win the next hands that come your way. Using the knowledge you gained from guides and the experience earned from every hand lost, you can set a course directly to consistently pick the right times to go all-in while avoiding unnecessary risks with bad hands.

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