Leeds United seem to have no Christmas Spirit nor an understanding of football fans. With a match day ticket costing £36 if you can pay up front or £41 on the day, the Yorkshire Club have increased their price by over 45% in 12 months on the latter, no Boxing Day sales at Elland Road it seems.

Wigan Athletic is yet again putting their competition to shame, by offering a fair price for a football fan to watch their team.

Year in year out visiting fans vote Wigan Athletic in the top 3 for ‘best away day’ and the main reason is that we make it affordable to go to the game.

A family of 4 travelling over from Leeds in March will be able to watch their team play for £70 at the most. Latics Families will be asked to fork out £118 to turn up on the day, nearly £50 more (and £32 more than we paid for the same game, at the same place, in the same seats, at the same time as last year).

There are petitions going round for Latics fans to boycott the game as it an insult to the football watching public.

The FSF are campaigning for the ‘Twenty is Plenty’ reciprocation with all Football League Clubs, where away fans will pay a maximum of £20 for a seat, Wigan already do this for 90% of its games already, maybe the rest of the Football League Clubs should wake up and give ALL fans a break.

If Leeds United had kept their prices at the same levels as last season we could have seen upwards of 1500 travelling over to watch Latics, now it will be nearer 500. The main losers yet again are the football fans…. here is a comparison table from www.wiganathleticsupportersclub.co.uk.

Ticket 4th Dec 2013 26th Dec 2014
Adults £28 £36 (£41*)
Over 60 years £22 £24 (£29*)
Full Time Student £22 £24 (£29*)
Young Adult (16-21 Years) £22 £24 (£29*)
Under 16 years £15 £18 (£18*)
Ambulant / Disabled £22** £24** (£29*)
* Match day price **includes free carer if eligible


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