Olivier Kapo has come out and quashed all the ‘want away’ articles that have been printed, saying it was Steve Bruce he was trying to get away from due to a fall out with him and lack of first team action.

French midfielder Kapo has admitted that he and Steve Bruce had a fall out and that was the reason he was so unsettled at the club. He vows now that he is fit to show Latics fans what he really can do and after getting a couple of reserve games under his belt, feels he can now crack and show Bobby what he is all about.

He said: “It has been good to be playing with the reserves and going the full 90 minutes. I’ve played twice for them now and I’m happy with the progress being made. For me, it’s important to train and play well every week. But I need to get 90 minutes under my belt before I can join the first team.

“I’d like to play on a Saturday but it’s not up to me to decide. The manager can only put 11 players in the team, but I just want the chance to show what I can do. I have told him I am okay to play. Training is very important for me – if I train well it means I can aim for the first team.”


“To pick up an injury so soon after the manager first came in wasn’t too frustrating for me, I’ve played at a lot of clubs and worked with many managers to know that once you’re fully fit you’re given a chance to show what you can do, and that’s no different here, but I know my quality and I know what I have to do. It’s up to the gaffer now.

“It seems that every summer I am linked with another club, particularly in France, but the truth is that I want to be here at Wigan, where I’m happy, last season was very difficult for me, because I had problems with Steve Bruce. I don’t have that now. I know the Premier League and, although the last year has been difficult, the bottom line is that I want to play.

“If the team don’t want me that’s another question, but personally I want to play for Wigan Athletic, no one else. I have a three-year contract. I like Wigan. It’s where I want to be. I want to stay.”

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