Wigan Athletic occupy the last relegation place going into the final three games, but have we got enough to play a seventh year in the Barclays Premier League?

As it stands, three out of six teams will go into the Championship, but which teams have got what it takes to get the final points under their belts to gain safety.

Latics have two away games at Aston Villa at the weekend and Stoke City on the final day of the season. Our last remaining home game is against the team that lost all face a couple of seasons ago, a team that all but the Hammers fans want to go down.

West Ham United is the game that will probably decide our fate and hopefully that will be the home win that not only relegates our visitors but seal the final points that make our trip to Stoke an enjoyable one.

Latics have certainly got enough in the tank to go to Villa Park and get a result, we should have made life a lot easier by winning on Saturday, but we didn’t and so bonus points from this game would be great.

Stoke on the last would also normally be somewhere that we could take points, but as our hosts will be reeling from a Cup Final the previous week, if we need the points it will be very tense.

With three games left I think will go like this:

Blackburn – West Ham (Draw) – Manchester United (Loss) – Wolves (Draw) – 40 points
Latics –Villa (Draw) – West Ham (Win) – Stoke City (Draw) – 40 points
Birmingham – Newcastle (Loss) – Fulham (Loss) – Spurs (Loss) – 39 points
Blackpool – Spurs (Loss) – Bolton (Draw) – Manchester United (Loss) – 36 points
Wolves – West Brom (Loss) – Sunderland (Loss) – Blackburn (Draw) – 35 points
West Ham – Blackburn (Draw) – Wigan (Loss) – Sunderland (Draw) – 34 points

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