No, I didn’t think so!!!!! Do we get an apology from Phil Dowd?? I won’t hold my breath!!!! Wigan Athletic at least got justice of the FA (like they could do anything else), but will we get a chance to see what the real outcome of the game would have been….no.

What punishment should be given to referees that are clearly not up to the job? Phil Dowd looked at least 2 stones overweight and his decision making was as best dubious.

He sent off a player In Latics game against Manchester United and therefore ended all chances for us to advance from the foothold we were developing in the game.

We will unfortunately never know if we could have pulled a goal back or maybe even gone on to win, because of the ineptitude of this ‘official’.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just one decision in one game, but the wrongful sending off was one of three or more in this game alone and as Latics fans we can go back a long way with the harshness he has dealt us over the years.

The silver lining is that we won’t be without Conor Sammon for the next three games, but we can only think about how that match could have turned out had we finished with 11 players.

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