We have got just under three weeks until Wigan Athletic kick off their sixth Premiership campaign and here on Cockney Latic we will be running our free to enter Prediction League, in conjunction with Workit Recruitment of Wigan.


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Well we are nearly at the start of another Premier League Season and that means it’s time to get the Cockney Latic Prediction Leagues 2010 – 2011 going. We will concentrate on the Premier League fixtures this season, but with the addition of the rounds from the final 16 from both domestic cups, the Carling Cup and the FA Cup.

Prediction LeaguePlaying is easy, you just have to predict the results for the games every week, you get points for predicting correctly and the one with the most points wins. If you want to play just for fun, entering is absolutely free and there will be a prize for the highest finishing player who plays for fun (last time it was a signed shirt).

Last year’s winners was lano23, who received the Cockney Latic Prediction League Title.

The Premier League Prediction League

The Premier League Prediction League will have a similar format to last season, but the points scoring will be slightly different with bonus points for correct scores on Saturday matches and the last game of the season:

Correct Home Score 2 Points
Correct Away Score 2 Points
Correct Result 7 Points
Correct Score 4 Points
Maximums in games involving Wigan Athletic 5 Bonus Points

Results are at 90 minutes in league games and after extra time in Cup games that can’t be decided in normal time.

As you can see we have changed the way the scoring is done for this season, to give more emphasis on getting the result correct, this will allow for a more closely fought contest throughout the season.

The Prediction League is now set up and you need to go in and register for the leagues. Those who played last year you will have the same login details, just go to ‘my profile’ and enter the league. Those who didn’t play last year, go to the Prediction League (link is at the top of the page) to register your username and enter that way.

If there any problems or any questions please email on editor@cockneylatic.co.uk.

Could I also take this opportunity to thank Workit Recruitment of Wigan for Sponsoring the Prediction League this season, and to ask that you mention us if you contact them regarding any full or part time work you might be looking for. Just click their logo to see what they have to offer.

Click to see Work It Recruitments site, full of parrt time and full time positions available from the Number 1 Recruitment Agency.

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