Stand in Captain Titus Bramble insists that confidence is very high in the Wigan Athletic Camp, despite the bad run of results.

Latics have managed just one win in their previous ten league outings, but Titus Bramble tells us that all is well in the dressing room. It is a fact that we have played much better than the scorelines have indicated and had there been some cooler finishing we could well have seen another 10 points on the table standings.

As things stand though, the team are looking at keeping up the levels of performance that that has seen them dominate the majority of those ten game games even though the results haven’t been the best. We have gained 5 draws that could so easily have seen us win in that time had we been a bit more ruthless in front of goal.

Bramble is under the same impression and has stated that we just need to keep the performances coming and the results will follow, he said in the local paper:

“There’s a fine line between winning and losing. We’re so close to putting a few wins together and I’m sure we’ll get it right if we keep plugging away. The belief in the camp is still there, confidence is high, It’s just a case of getting the results that match that belief and confidence.

“We’ve got to learn how to see out games once we’ve taken the lead if we’re going to get the results we need. We also have to stay positive and believe in ourselves if we’re going to have a positive end to the season.”

“It’s happened a few times this season (us not kill a game off), where we’ve taken an early lead and played some really good football to go with it. I think now we just need to concentrate on getting that second goal, which will give us that comfort in the game and hopefully allow us to start coming away with a few more wins.

“All games between now and the end of the season are going to be massive, starting with Bolton next week – a game we have to get three points from. It’s another game against one of those teams in and around us, and that makes it all the more important to pick up points and gain an advantage in the league.”

He also hailed the impact made by Caldwell, who joined from Celtic in the January transfer window and has quickly settled in to life at the DW Stadium.

Bramble added: “It takes time for the new players to come in and adjust to a new system of football, just like it did for us at the beginning of the season. I knew Gary from my Newcastle days when we were there together briefly, and he has settled in to life at Wigan right away.

“Although we never played together at Newcastle, I think we’ve shown in training and during matches that we do well as a partnership. We both have a good understanding of each other’s game, and we work well together.”

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