Cockney Latic, in conjunction with Wigan Athletic’s main sponsors 188BET,has news for some lucky winners of 188BET Lounge tickets or a pair of match tickets to the Barclays Premier League game against Everton at the DW Stadium on Saturday.

Click here to go to the 188bet site 188BET, in association with Cockney Latic, ran a monster competition to win VIP Lounge and match tickets to the Barclays Premier League game v Everton on Saturday the 30th April 2011.

The winners were as follow:

Match Ticket winners (two each)

Chris Ashall
Andy Hurst
Andy Charleston
Paul Fiddler
Mick Banks

Lounge winners (two each)

Jonny Fairclough
Chris Griffin
Maurice Sudell
Lee Sanders
Paul Tymon

Tickets are still available for this game and the ticket office is open today until 5p.m., tickets will not be on sale on the day of the game.

Cockney Latic will have plenty more competitions with fantastic prizes, so keep reading and more importantly keep posting on the message boards, so you don’t miss out on your chance to win.

By you being registered and posting reasonably regularly on the message boards lets us know that you are Wigan Athletic fans and not chancers. If you have been entering competitions and haven’t won, it could well be because we don’t recognise you and therefore think you may be a non-Latics fan

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Click here to go to the 188BET site.

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