Everyone has given up

by | Jan 2, 2023 | News

Heads have dropped

Oh dear, what became obvious from the first kick of the day was that confidence is low.
There was a strong feeling that Kolo could ‘turn it around’ but after the flying start to the season heads have dropped.
It looked as if it was going to be easy, playing against another club in the lower echelons of the league, which happens to be an unforgiving league and the most difficult league in the world.
Kolo’s team selection was made even more difficult with Wigan infirmary A & E being so full that injuries picked up against Sunderland were still waiting to be triaged. Max missed the bus after sleeping in. If Rashford can do it, why can’t Max. Certain players arrived late because their train was cancelled. And so, the selection problems continued.
There was only one solution.
Kolo donned the shirt of central defender. Norma took the role of wing back patrolling the right side like a caged cheetah. Brenda flew left and right keeping out shot after shot. Roberto tried to make up for abandoning us in 2013 and taking key players with him, but he took on the perkins role of play maker and made amends.
Dr J Tobin doubled up as playing physio. Leam scored 3. Julie Lavin donned, in PELE style the number 10 shirt. It paid dividends. Talal was nowhere to be seen. Even Shinnie didn’t want to play when offered a starting slot. Dave Whelan, for services to WAFC, awarded the OBE in the honours list, simply said “I’m doing what it says on the tin, OBE – Other Boys Efforts – you lot get on with it, I’ve done my bit and broke my leg. He took the day off, stayed at home and in disbelief watched the FA Cup final yet again.
88% possession. 4 shots on target. Wigan win. Amazing. Competition for the next game is stiff. Norma nominated for goal of the season.
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