Fans meet with Mal Brannigan

by | Apr 8, 2021 | News

New CEO meets fans via zoom

In stark contrast to the Chinese owners, who never even visited the DW STADIUM, the Phoenix 2021 Group want yo be very hands on and involved with the fans.

That is proving very difficult for the current chairman who is chomping at the bit to come over.  But COVID-19 rules are vying against him at the moment, but as soon as Bahrain 🇧🇭 is off the red list he will be here.

Just like Jonathan Jackson our old CEO, Mal Brannigan wants to talk to and interact with fans to shape a future for Wigan Athletic.

This started last night where around 20 fans and representatives of Mudhutter, Cockney Latic, Progress with Unity, Supporter Liaison officers Jason Taylor and Ian Wadsworth, plus of course the Supporters Club Chair Caroline Molyneux.

There was some information share that is not for publishing, but the main points would put even the most sceptical minds at ease.

It was stressed it wouldn’t be easy and there was a long way ahead, but as it was a 5+ year plan to start, this assured us our new owners (if not Mal himself) was here for the long term.

Mal expressed his expertise in bringing clubs out of administration and given them a firm footing to move on from.

The goal was to include what the supporters wanted and more importantly to to grow the fans base, both in Wigan and outside our territory.

The match day experience looks to be more fan orientated, getting supporters down to the ground earlier and giving more for the season ticket.

Brannigan even confirmed that the new owners thought of the company name and it was a reference to Springfield Park’s main stand. Showing they have done their research into the club and its history.

In short the future looks good, but things won’t jut happen tomorrow, plus we will actually see the new owners on a regular basis, Mal feels we are in safe hands.

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