Finger pointing at Brannigan

by | Mar 29, 2023 | News

“spend spend spend”

If what I’m hearing and reading things rightly from the grapevine our old friend Mr Brannigan has a lot to a answer for. Looking back on things a friend has dug out some info about his past employment and on the surface you might think.

“He knows his stuff” but things don’t seem as rosy and beneath the surface were slowly finding out that it comes at a hefty price when Mal’s at the helm and in charge of your purse strings.

Every club Brannigans been at in recent years they have released him (posh word for sacked). Every club he was employed by he used the identical same tactic in search of success, spend heavily and hope you gain success in record time blinding owners with pictures of future success.

There’s older articles from forums slowly starting to appear on the internet and newspaper articles highlighting his method of “throw money at it” in the pursuit of record time success, here’s Dundee Utd:-


Dundee press dated May 2020

Dundee United have confirmed the departure of managing director Mal Brannigan with immediate effect.

He presided over a significant spend on Robbie Neilson’s playing squad.


Here’s an old Sheff Utd article (and there’s plenty like this knocking around) and their view on him after he was released (sacked)

I could put the exact same article on CL and remove the date and you would honestly think it’s a recent article about his time at Wigan


Dec 7, 2015


Surely this was long overdue.

I would describe his tenure as MD as a failure.

Crap players on long contracts and better players leaving.


It’s now coming to light that Brannigans financial answer to every clubs situation is to “spend spend spend”, spend hard spend lots spend fast.

If it works and you gain promotion or win a trophy? fantastic, he’s a hero, if it fails and you’re in the sh1t with a group of overpaid players on stupid deals then he simply gets pushed out the door (sacked) or he leaves looking for another club to leave in heavy debt.

Never does he try to balance the books it’s all about short term gain a CV tick of success gets noted if it works but his plan rarely does. Even at Dundee Utd he failed as Dundee Utd gained promotion through COVID ending the season early under him they missed out in the play offs spending millions in his pursuit.

I fully understand that Al Jasmi & Talal authorised the signing of the cheques but it was Brannigan on £250k a year who gave out the advice he’s so called expertise on how it should be spent but in his time at Wigan he did nothing but massively overspend in League One and his master plan failed when in the Championship we had nothing left which backfired bigtime.

No one can deny that Al Jasmi and Talal are clueless owners of a UK football hence they went with Brannigan who’s CV of clubs reads well but had they have took the time and dug a bit deeper and how Brannigan approaches his work and then what state he leaves clubs in financially Al Jasmi and Talal might have gone elsewhere and gave Brannigan a wide birth.

Fair play to Talal for not shutting the door and saying nothing the other day plus turning down press and TV interviews before he’d spoke to supporters’ groups first in private, I commend him for that.

I remember not long back Brannigan actually refusing to do a podcast with Latics fans stating “I’ve nothing to say I don’t need to do it” looking back that was because he would have been hit with crucial questions and it might have sounded like a guilty Police interview and a “No comment” reply to every question.

It seems Mr Brannigan is a walking financial disaster for football clubs and has left us well and truly in the sh1t with no paddle. Players overpaid League One players especially so soon after administration highlights Brannigan’s method

Spend hard spend lots for short term success has nearly killed our club.

Then when he realises it’s going all pear shaped, he starts to advise to loan out players to lower the monthly outgoings but by this time the snowball of debt had picked up speed and was heading directly for the glass doors at the DW even asking the press no to print it.

For me I think naive owners have been lead a merry dance by a guy who doesn’t know the meaning of budget or live within your means.

My last thing is, where Gottman and Markham?, Do they not have a tongue or question Brannigans approach. Get rid of them as well and check Mr Brannigans peddle bin for agents empty brown envelopes and his offshore account.

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