For those who live in or near Winstanley, or if you want your kids to meet Stripey and have a bit of fun, the grand opening of the St Aidans Play Area is Saturday from 12.00 p.m..

Stripey the LaticatSt Aidans play area has needed a much needed revamp for many years and now it has had one. To formally open the children’s play area there will be a Grand Opening Ceremony at 1.00 p.m. on Saturday the 7th November 2009 (tomorrow).

In the build up to the cutting of the tape, St Aidan’s Club will be open from 12noon, with Stripey the Latic Cat greeting arrivals from 12:45pm and posing for photographs. Other mascots will arrive as and when and similarly will be on hand to meet, greet and pose for photographs with the children.

There will be a disco in the Club for the children, games and play activities will be provided by the Play Out team, they will be on site from 12noon. Depending on the weather they will be either in the Club or on the grass field.

Father Christmas will be accepting early Christmas wish lists and distributing the Goodie bags. Peter Dahlstrom will formally open the play area at approx. 1:15pm followed by photographs. The Students will then open there nominated piece of equipment and the play area will be open to all from approx 1:30pm.

It would be great if you would show your support, plus there will be loads of give aways and things for the kids to do.

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