Great WAFC kit and clothing deals.

by | Jun 27, 2020 | News

Should prices always be like this?

The price of football kits in recent times have reached the £40 mark. This is for most a price to high to pay, no matter how much you love your team.

But as we are ravaged with COVID Latics have reduced the price of the home and away kits to just £20.

In DW Sports you can even get a further 20% off that too. Bit shouldn’t this be the regular price?

Yes there isn’t as much profit, but the quantity that would be bought would be much more, therefore giving possibly the same amount of profit.

Anyway, that is unlikely to happen and so if you want discounted prices for your Latics clothing and kits, get over to the online store, or for even cheaper prices head to the Grand Arcade and the DW Sports store.

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