It’s April 23rd and it’s St. George’s Day – our National Day – we all hope you all have a great day and celebrate in whichever way you see fit. Should it be a bank holiday? should it be celebrated more? I think it should.

St. George’s Day is on our calendars, it is recognised as a Patron Saint Day and it is wanted as a Bank Holiday by millions of us. But today when we go out, except for the mention in the national rags, it is unlikely that a pub near you will make any particular effort to make a night out of it and will leave us to our own devices.

Other countries all over Europe celebrate their patron saint days, like Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland! This day is celebrated not only in Ireland but all over the UK and even as further afield as the USA, the pubs have daft green hats and English having their annual pint of Guiness. How many pubs will be having special St. George’s Day themes with daft St. George’s Cross hats being given out left right and centre?

In fact St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated more in England than St George’s Day, but why is this?
Are we less patriotic than the Irish, or do we just not make the effort that they do?

The ‘New Labour’ government has threatened to make it an established bank holiday, but without getting too in depth, they think it just isn’t PC. They say that Armistice Day has as much support for being a bank holiday, but again it would probably offence to too many people – yes, only those that disrespect our glorious country….. I feel that the more we try and organise festivals, celebrations and parties, the less either can be ignored

To add your voice to the ongoing campaign to make St. George’s Day great, see these sites and add your voice:

St Georges

Facebook Page

Make St. George’s Day a National Holiday

Personally I will be in the pub having a drink tonight, before getting down to London on Saturday…..

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