Whether it’s a domestic game, the Euro 2020, or UEFA Champions League, watching a football game live brings unexpected emotions. The most challenging part for supporters, though, is learning what to focus on when attending their first match.

That’s because cameras know exactly how to follow the ball and transmit all important stuff, but when you’re out there, you have to pay attention to all these details yourself. So, before calculating odds and placing a bet on Infogol for one team or another, here’s how to make the most out of watching a game.

1. Pick the best possible seats at the football stadium
One huge mistake people do is thinking that getting the seats as close as possible to the field is the best thing to do. Well, it isn’t. Being too close usually means that you can’t see the entire field nor focus on all details. Sitting too far up is not indicated either unless you want to carry binoculars. According to experts, the best seats are those in row 25. At this height, you can see the entire field and follow all the action.

2. Learn what to focus on before the matchday
The beginning and the ends of a match are undeniably key moments you can’t miss because most goals are scored in these minutes. Throughout the game, the best thing to do is to focus your attention on the goalkeeper and the “player n° 10.” Who is he? We’ll find out in a moment.

3. Pay attention right after the first goal
The first strike is another key moment during a game. In many cases, a team starts to focus solely on regaining the point after their opponents have scored the first goal, which usually means more opportunities for the team that scored in the first place. Sure, the world of football has seen many comebacks too, but more often than not, the team that scores the first goal manages to win the game.

4. Identify “Player N° 10.”
Player n° 10 refers to a midfield player responsible for leading the team. When all seems lost, all other players turn to him; for this reason, following this player throughout the game can give you a clear indication of how the odds are going. If you see him nervous and hesitating, it usually means the team’s strategy is not exactly solid.

5. Enjoy the mid-game and after game shows
Part of what makes live games so awesome is that supporters can relax and enjoy spectacular shows during the mid-game break and after the game. During the mid-game ones, not only can you watch the artists perform, but you can also make smart use of a binocular and watch what happens in the quarterback. In this way, you can capture some unique moments between the team manager and the players, or even between the two team managers. Something you would never be able to witness in front of the telly.


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