With nine home games and 6 away games remaining, the results at the DW Stadium will hold the key to where Wigan Athletic end up in the Premier League this season, here is the run in….

Looking on paper at our remaining fixtures would see us over the finishing line by just collecting points from the games we SHOULD win. With no disrespect intended to those teams, home wins against Stoke, Bolton, Burnley, Portsmouth and Hull would see us on 39 points.

If further points could be picked up on the road at the likes of Birmingham, Bolton, Fulham and West Ham, mid table could be a target that is well within our reach. The disappointing draw at Sunderland went a long way in showing that we can create a lot of chances in a game, our problems lie in converting those chances.

Jason Scotland has had over half a season to make his mark, all credit to Bobby for persevering with him, but this is now a time where we need either Moses or Moreno, or both to stamp their mark and start getting the wins that performances have deserved.

Too many times this season we have dominated games but for us to come away with anything but three points. Wolves, Hull, Manchester City, Birmingham, Sunderland at home and Fulham are games that we really should have won yet only got 2 points from.

After this week’s game against Stoke we have two more home games and we have to be looking to get 6 or 7 points from these. We showed at Stoke that we are more than a match for their very physical approach; a good performance against these will see us through.

Bolton are a dire team, but they can frustrate the hell out of you, again we should play them off the park and get three points. The game against Spurs I would love to see some revenge done, but they are a very good side and it will be difficult for us against them, but with a bit confidence gained from the previous two games we could give them a run.

Liverpool and Aston Villa are two teams that could just as easily lose to us as win, we were unlucky at Anfield not to get anything out of the game and we have beat Villa 2-0 already, the result of these games will depend upon us performing and which side they field.

Burnley are in freefall at the moment and we should be able to brush them aside, the same with Portsmouth. Arsenal could be there or there about for the League title, probably not but they could be. Either way they will come all guns blazing and as long as we can halt them, who knows.

Hull City will be our last home game of the season and we will hopefully already be safe, but this is still a game we should be looking to win, we were gobsmacked at not beating them at their place and we should put that right here.

The away games would be a bonus if we can pick up some extra points there, Birmingham, Bolton and West Ham are just three teams that we are more than capable of beating, whilst the others, on our day can provide some maybe unlikely bonus points.

Here are the games left to play:

Stoke City (09/02)
Bolton Wanderers (17/02)
Tottenham Hotspur (21/02)
Liverpool (08/03)
Aston Villa (16/03)
Burnley (20/03)
Portsmouth (10/04)
Arsenal (17/04)
Hull City (01/05)

Birmingham (27/02)
Bolton Wanderers (13/03)
Manchester City (29/03)
Fulham (03/04)
West Ham United (24/04)
Chelsea (09/05)

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