A wallet will help you carry and protect your essential items. But did you know that people in Ancient Greek used wallets as survival packs?

They referred to wallets as a “mobile store” of the poor man and they stoked them with food. Later in the 1600s, after the introduction of paper money, people started using them to carry their personal belongings and some money. In the 19th century, they used them to carry victuals, meat, and some other items that they wanted to keep private. Today, they use them to carry credit cards, IDs, money, receipts, and some other essential documents. 

When choosing a leather wallet, you should keep in mind that the market offers several designs and colours. Manufacturers group them according to their unique requirements. Some people choose them depending on the items they are planning to carry and others go for what can easily fit in their pockets. Leather wallets are durable and affordable. If you need one, here are the main types to consider during your shopping.

Slim leatherwallet

To keep your credit cards safe, you might need the credit card wallet. The Kinzd slim leather wallets come with pockets to hold the business cards, receipts and credit cards. Manufacturers offer them in various types, depending on how they fit in the user’s pocket. The wallet will help you keep your cards organized throughout the day and provide you with adequate room to carry anything that you need on a regular basis. Moreover, they are slim and durable. 

Bifold wallets

If you need a wallet that you can use to keep all your belongings safe, the bifold wallet is a good choice. The double wallet provides double safety, which is what most men look for. The button will block the wallet’s opening to keep the contents safe.

Trifold wallets

These are the wallets folded into three parts and allow vertical storage of documents and money. Most men go for the wallet due to the design and the number of compartments it provides. The wallets are fatter than the bifold wallets and can fit comfortably in your pockets. They hold more money and cards than the bifolds and you can add your identity cards and photographs. 

Business card wallets

Also known as the card case wallet, the business card wallet plays an important role in the protection of sensitive business cards. You can use it to protect items like your credit cards from falling out during business engagements. It is ideal for men who require slimmer wallets to hold their business cards and those who want to look professional. 

Clip wallet

If you need a wallet that you can use for various purposes, you should go for the clip wallet. The wallet differs from the long leather wallets in that they come in a unique size that facilitates carrying of the relevant items easily. The leather wallets might boast space for holding cards and money. The user folds twice and features an opening for holding the important documents. The wallet will expand depending on the items you choose to keep in it.

Chequebook wallet

Some individuals call it the Breast Pocket Wallet and others the Travel Wallet. The manufacturers design the leather wallet with space for holding checkbooks and the other large documents. A checkbook is important for people who want to access the money in a bank or to pay for goods and services. That means that the item is essential when traveling for businesses. If you need a billfold to hold your important documents in compact form, it is the wallet to go for.

The phone case wallet

For people who would want to put everything in their wallets, you might be searching for the wallet that can hold your smartphone. You do not have to search anymore. Your phone will fit perfectly in a phone case wallet. The wallet is somehow bulky and therefore only suitable for individuals who would want to have every essential in one leather wallet.

Key wallet

The key wallet will help you keep your loose coins and keys intact throughout the day. Traditionally, people attached their coin purse and key fobs to their credit card pocketbooks, but more recently, they started using it to store their keys. They feature a change pouch to facilitate easier carrying of some other items. With the leather wallet, you will never take much of your time searching for a document or a note. The hook will allow you to beat your morning routine looking for the office/car keys. They are available in various colours.

Zip up wallet

The zip type wallets are another type of leather wallets that will provide double safety. After you have placed your cards, IDs, and money in the wallet, use the zip to close all the opening from the three sides. The leather bifold wallet comes with camouflage patterns and most manufacturers use cowhide to make them. It has a cool casual appearance. 


Some years ago, the fashion world was for women. Today, men participate equally. In other words, they are going for the super-stylized and the trending accessories and garments. A leather wallet is among the few items you should start carrying on a daily basis. Choose a wallet that will reflect your personality. 


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