Half the fun of supporting a football team comes with attending the Away games. If you are thinking about heading off on an away day to support Wigan, here are some of the things you should do to make sure you have the best day possible celebrating the Latics no matter where they play.

Get in Some Pre-Match Prep

Get to know who the team is playing and what their weaknesses are. A little pre-match analysis never goes wrong and can help you work out where the team is likely to encounter problems. If you are confident that Wigan are going to secure a victory over whoever they are playing, you can place a bet at a website like RubyBet. They have some of the best odds you could ever hope to encounter and could help to round off a great day at football.

Organise a Trip

If you know that there are lots of supporters who want to attend a match – possibly because it is nearby – why don’t you put your name in the hat for organising the trip?

With one person organising a coach to take all the fans, it makes it a whole lot easier for everyone else who will be attending. You won’t have to worry about trains being cancelled or having to find a parking space. It can also be extremely economical for everyone to travel together as it means that no-one will have to deal with traffic jams or the cost of petrol.

Wigan Athletic Supporter Liaison Officer Jason Taylor is good source of information, as he goes to every away game and has good contact with opposing club’s SLOs. He can liaise with you on the day so if there are any problems, or if the the opposing club has any information, he can pass it on. You can contact him on jason@wiganathleticslo.co.uk

Finally, it allows everyone to get in the mood for the match together. You can search out a pub to have a quick pint in if you want, since no-one will be driving, or you can all just psyche each other up on the bus ride to the rival stadium.

Be Respectful

Spirits may be high but that doesn’t mean that standards can slip. You are representing the team when you travel for away games and that must mean that you cannot allow any negative behaviour to shed badly on the team. Football hooliganism is still looked upon poorly and many teams will not appreciate rival fans trashing their stadiums and towns.

Think about how you would feel if someone wrecked DW Stadium after a match. If you don’t want to be treated that way, you need to make sure that you don’t behave that way too. It is fine to be in lively spirits before and after a match, it is not to cause trouble and disrespect both Wigan and the team they are playing.

If you follow these tips, you are bound to have a fantastic away day game. If you are the one who is organising the trip away, make sure you do so with plenty of time to spare. If you don’t, you run the risk of not being able to go away in the manner which suits you best. Make sure that everything is wellplanned out in advance and remember to be respectful of the other team no matter where you go. Hopefully the match will always go to plan!

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