Is it time to panic or is it time for this team to gel and show the league that Wigan Athletic are not just going to plod along and be the whipping boys?

This time last season Wigan Athletic were wondering if a mid-table place would be a good place to aim having been knocked out of the Capital One Cup and gained only 10 points from 7 League games.

This season we are a win behind tat tally and are looking at tough games against Fulham, Preston, Wolves and Brentford on the horizon.

Sitting next to bottom ahead of those games looks a bit daunting, but if Latics can perform like they did for 78 minutes against Norwich, that mid-table spot won’t be a bad presumption.

Take away the disastrous first couple of minutes where we gave a goal away and then failed to clear the ball after a great save, and we really weren’t the second best team from the 12th minute on.

Fulham are going to be a much bigger test I feel, the Canaries for the most part were not better than us and if the game had gone on another 15 minutes I could have seen us equalising.

The Cottagers will come to the DW Stadium thinking they can win, and if the betting sites are right they will. But like last season we need to make the DW our rock.

Home results are where we will get ourselves back in the mix and put points on the board to get us up the league.

We have to learn that no team is too good to down, our team need to gel and do it quickly. If nothing else could be learned from our relegation two years ago, it is very hard to climb out of the bottom once you get set adrift.

You might think I am mad seeing as Fulham have only lost one game this season and we have only won 1, but I think this weekend will see us get a result and follow it up with a victory at Deepdale next week.

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