Just because there has been 3 or 4 people in the past whinging because they didn’t get a ticket to an away game, is there a cause for Wigan Athletic to suddenly jump into doing a ballot for match tickets?

The simple answer is just NO. But if we are to look at the merits, maybe it is time Wigan started thinking like Manchester United, Manchester City or Liverpool. Actually scrap Liverpool, what was I thinking, they haven’t had a need for a ballot for a long, long time.

The Manchester clubs, London Clubs etc… I can understand, as they have a huge following (mainly glory seekers, but there must still be some genuine fans in there too) of thousands. If you have 4 or 5 thousand wanting tickets when there are only 1,000, then a ballot is possibly a fair way of doing it.

Latics certainly don’t fall in to that bracket, even in the Premier League (1st season apart) we wouldn’t have warranted it, never mind now. With 2-300 or so amazing fans who rarely miss any game, surely the wise thing to do is put tickets on sale to them first (same as Corporate), then go to the wider season tickets holders and then general.

I have been sat here arguing with myself if those that don’t go to home games, or live away from Wigan but try to get to away matches should have any priority. The blunt way I have thought about this is ‘No’. As they don’t contribute to the home games which puts money in the Cub’s pockets, why should they get ahead of a season ticket holder that does.
This game has quite a few challenges added to it, with it being on TV fans can quite easily watch it in the pub rather than get involved with applying for tickets and being the only one out of a gang of friends that gets one.

It is a Friday night, with no problems getting to AFC Fylde on public transport, but loads of issues that could stop them getting back to Wigan. The train line between Preston and Blackpool is closed until well into the New Year, meaning a bus service is operation between Preston to Kirkham and Wesham.

Like I said, no problem getting there, but the last bus back to Preston from the train station is at 10 past ten, makeable easily if the match finishes around quarter to 10. But if there is only one bus, it will only take 70 people max, if there is no-one on it already. Meaning getting to Preston Station before the last train at 2247 could be a struggle.

Feasibly the only way to get there is to get on a coach (Supporters Club here) or drive yourself. All these factors could well put fans off from going. I can already hear you screaming “But it is a new ground”, I’m with you, but to some it doesn’t matter.

So should a ballot have been put on in the first place? Should it have been left as first come first serve? Will there be that much interest for this game for a ballot to have even be necessary?

When it boils down to it, ballots will be great if you get a ticket, but will be bollocks if you don’t. Just like the normal first come first served. And the Club will have got it wrong no matter what for those that don’t get there.

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