Kolo is safe for another day

by | Dec 29, 2022 | News

Plagiarism is a compliment.

Spoiler Alert. Wigan won. Written this week by another reporter who wasn’t there, but will be. Anonymity has been requested. Plagiarism is a compliment. Geoff, you know who you are.
The thing about football is that development is a process. It’s all in the build-up. We never want to peak too soon.
At ‘Boro Kolo tried having no defence, but just keeping possession. Keeping possession worked with a massive 78%. As we have all forgotten, it didn’t work as it should have done. We leaked a few goals.
Kolo has the balls and suggested putting a few of them on the pitch all at once. But Barnsley and the EFL were having none of this idea of ‘levelling up’. It’s now a case of shuffling the depleted pack and playing the short/long game and simply not letting them have the ball. Kolo tells us that it is easy, but the boys make it look blinkin difficult.
In the post-match interview Kolo revealed that he had told his players to play the ref on the blind side and simply be nice to him and his team. It worked. The Leam / Southish stand deafeningly yelled PENALTY. The ref looked towards his mates and said, “oh go on then have a go from 12yards”. No one could decide who should take it. So, to cut the crap up strode the up and coming/thrusting young scouse Norwegian AAAASSSSGGAAARRRD who has similar characteristics as MMCCCCMMMANNNNNAMMMAAANNNNN and coolly slots the ball down the middle as their goalie flies through the air to his left, what an idiot. Nothing less than we deserved.
Wigan rise out of the bottom three, never look back and head towards the playoffs. Kolo is safe for another day as his record starts to improve.
The start of a happy 2023, everyone.
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