Brought to you courtesy of 188BET, Latics shirt sponsor, here are the odds you can get for the game against West Ham.

Click here to go to the 188bet siteNow that we have teamed up with 188BET, Latics new sponsor, it gives us an opportunity let you know what deals they are doing. As we have to fend for ourselves this is a way that we can get a bit of the costs covered for the upkeep and future development of the site, so if betting is something you do, why not try out 188BET and at the same time help us keep the site running.

As promised, I said I would keep you up to date with the latest offerings from 188BET and here are the odds for Latics next game.

Wigan – 11/8 (2.4)
Draw- 19/8 (3.35)
West Ham -11/5 (3.2)
Wigan win 2-0 – 8/1 (9.0)
Wigan win 3-1 – 18/1 (19.0)
Draw 2-2 – 14/1 (15.0)

Click here to go to the main 188BET site.

Although it is a bit of a change reading the odds in decimals, we are being told that 188BET are going to make the site more user friendly for the UK Market and open up much more fun betting opportunities for the Latics games when the new site is launched.
For those that bet in-play, 188BET have the best odds on the net if their advertising is to be believed, if you try them let us know how they fare.

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