The Echo Arena was once again the venue for the Mersey Masters in which Latics didn’t do themselves justice against teams representing Tranmere, Everton and Liverpool….

With all due respect to the players there last night, Latics team was screaming out for a striker and begs the question of why the likes of Graeme Jones, Graham Lancashire, Mike Newell and Stuart Barlow to name a few, haven’t been asked to represent Latics in the Masters.

There are plenty of ex-Latics stars that don’t seem to be asked or for some reason don’t play in this event for us. Stuart Barlow obviously plays for a very decent Tranmere team, but the rest don’t play for anyone and could benefit the team greatly.

This year’s team was Tony Pennock, Dave McKearney, Peter Atherton, John Doolan, Colin Greenall, Andy Lyons, Pat McGibbon, John Robertson and David Lowe. Our opening game resulted in a loss to Liverpool, but the chances were there and but for better shooting (where have we heard that before?) we could have won or at least come out with a draw.

The second game saw us draw against Everton, this was particularly undeserved as we leaked a very late goal after being in control for most of the game. That left us with a must win game against Tranmere, who had already been victorious over Everton (5-1) and Liverpool(3-0).

We took an early lead but as time went on we started giving them too much possession and didn’t shoot enough, electing to try and pass the ball around instead of going for the kill. Inevitably Tranmere got the equaliser and then finished us off just before time, the game ended 2-1 and left us rooted to the foot of the table.

At the end of the day it was an entertaining night and that is the main point of the competition, but it would be interesting to see if we could tempt some other players to compete as well in the future, maybe some of the ones mentioned earlier plus Andy Liddell and maybe even Bobby.

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