Dave Whelan and Wigan Athletic have put themselves forward to be one of the facilities used during the 2018 World Cup, should Liverpool be chosen as a host City.

Latics have offered up the DW Stadium, Christopher Park training ground and Wrightington Country Club as possible facilities for one of the competing teams for the 2018 World Cup. A lot relies on us winning the right to host it but if we do Liverpool could well be one of the grounds chosen to play games.

This would give us a great opportunity to offer our top class facilities for the competing teams there, just like we did in the Euros, when Ii think it was Russia that stayed at Wrightington Country Club.

The Official Site commented: Wigan Athletic are delighted to announce that they have joined up with the city of Liverpool’s bid to become a host city as part of in England’s 2018 World Cup plans – alongside fellow North West Clubs Blackburn Rovers, Preston North End and Tranmere Rovers.

The city made its case to England World Cup Bid company inspectors as they took a whistle-stop tour of sporting, cultural and tourism facilities in the region, including those in Wigan. Latics has put itself forward as a potential training camp, with the facilities at the DW Stadium, Christopher Park Training Ground and the Wrightington Country Club being included in the bid, as a potential base for one of the teams drawn to play in Liverpool.

Latics manager Roberto Martinez has endorsed the bid on behalf of the club and said: “The FIFA World Cup is the biggest and most prestigious football competition in world football, and for us as a club and a town to be able to play our part would be marvellous.

“2018 will be 52 years since the last time England hosted the World Cup so if the country is successful, this really becomes a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to become involved in such an amazing event.”

Latics chairman Dave Whelan has added his support.

“We have built up first class facilities in the town over the past ten years,” he said, “and it would be a big honour for us as a club and a town to join forces with Liverpool’s bid to be a part of one of the biggest events in world sport.”

Wigan Athletic Club Chief Executive Brenda Spencer added: “We will do everything we can as a club and a town to support this bid. It is very exciting to think of our club playing its part in the FIFA World Cup. We are all hoping that England will now be chosen as a host nation.”

Wigan Athletic Director Maurice Lindsay has been a driving force in the club’s involvement in the bid.

He says: “It is very exciting to think that the World Cup is coming back to England, and hopefully we as a club will be able to make a positive contribution.”

Councillor Warren Bradley, Leader of Liverpool City Council, said: ”The involvement of Wigan and the other three clubs is a fabulous addition to our bidding team. These clubs, together with Everton and Liverpool, have a huge fan base and I doubt many other host cities will be able to call on such illustrious footballing support.

Anyone can pledge their support for Liverpool and England’s bid by registering online here.

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