The game against Aston Villa on Saturday will definately go ahead barring ‘freak weather conditions. Wigan Athletic has issued warnings though about the surrounding area around the ground which has not been cleared by the Council.

Wigan Athletic can confirm that Saturday’s Barclays Premier League match against Aston Villa at the DW Stadium will take place as scheduled.

Once more, despite a perfect playing surface there had been concerns for the safety of fans following the recent adverse weather conditions, but after an inspection of the stadium and surrounding areas stadium officials have deemed the conditions safe for those attending.

As ever the club do advise supporters to arrive early on the day to ensure safe entry to the stadium, and having done everything in their power to make sure the game takes place would like to announce the following safety notices ahead of Saturday:

Car Park 3, located to the rear of the East Stand will be closed, however existing seasonal permit holders will be able to use Car Park 1, prior to the Soccerdome, as an alternative.

In addition to this the Frith Street entrance to and exit from the car parking facilities, near to the B&Q store, will remained closed throughout the day.

Finally, Robin Park Arena car park used by Wigan Athletic disabled supporters will not be stewarded for this game and fans are therefore advised to find an alternative location to park their cars and avoid the dangerous conditions.

Football Secretary Stuart Hayton said, the Stadium Manager and his team have worked tirelessly to get the surroundings in a fit state for Saturday and I really can’t stress enough how committed they have been to their task. Only freak weather between now and Saturday can prevent this game from going ahead and that is a tribute to how hard they have all worked.

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