It’s less than two weeks to kick off and Cockney Latic can announce that local company Lightyear Recruitment is to sponsor the Prediction Leagues for 2009/2010…

Cockney Latic is delighted to announce that Lightyear Recruitment of Wigan will be sponsoring the Prediction Leagues for both the Premier League and Cup Competitions sections for 2009/2010. This means the minimum prize money on offer will be:

1st – £100 (EPL), £80 (Cups)
2nd – £35 (EPL), £25 (Cups)
3rd – £15 (EPL), £10 (Cups)

Prediction LeagueRegistering and Entering couldn’t be easier. If you didn’t take part last year, registering is easy, just go to the prediction page on the Cockney Latic site (click here), click new user and follow the instructions. Those who played last year can still use their existing login and password. Once registered go to ‘My Profile’ and tick the boxes for EPL league and Cup League, then click update.

If you are playing for fun, all you need to do is enter your predictions every week. To enter the competition you will need your team name that you have just registered (or use last years, for existing players), to fill into the PayPal form below – please make sure that your team name entered on the form is the one that you are using in the prediction league.

You can enter the competition for either the EPL prediction league, the cups prediction league or for both, costs are £5 for each or £8 for both. Once we have your confirmation through you will receive an invite to join the mini leagues which will only have the teams entered into the competition in. Those playing for fun will see the overall league table, but they obviously won’t win any prizes should they finish in the top three.

The Premier League Prediction League

The Premier League Prediction League will have a similar format to last season, but the points scoring will be slightly different with bonus points for correct scores on Saturday matches and the last game of the season:

Correct Home Score 3 Points
Correct Away Score 3 Points
Correct Result 3 Points
Correct Score 5 Points
Correct score for Saturday Games (played at 3p.m.) + Final game of the season 5 Bonus Points

(no bonus points for re-arranged, Sunday, Monday, midweek games or non 3 p.m. Saturday matches).

The Cup games Prediction League

The Cup games Prediction League will include the Carling Cup games from Round 2 (starts 24th August). The FA Cup from Round 1 Proper (7th November), Europa League (British clubs i.e. English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish Clubs) from the Group Stages (starts 17th September) and the Champion’s League (British clubs i.e. English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish Clubs) from the Group Stages (start 15th September).

Points will be as above in the Premier League Prediction League, but bonus points will only be gained for matches played with teams in the same league.

The Entry costs are broken down into 3 parts:

1 Entry into the Premier League Prediction League £5
1 Entry into the Cups Prediction League £5
1 Entry into the Premier League and Cups Prediction League £8

The Prediction League is ready to use

Choose Your Subscription
Please write your team name

The overall winner will receive the Prediction League Trophy, just as Les Crawford did for last year’s win. The top three finishers in both Leagues will win the cash prizes.

Click here to disucuss on the message board.

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