The World Cup finals are less than a week away and Wigan Athletic has no fewer than seven representatives playing over in South Africa. Here on Cockney Latic we are running a special Tournament/Prediction League to make things a bit more interesting, it is FREE to enter if pride/status is what you want, or there is a prize competition to enter for those that want to…..

Yes following on from our 6th Prediction League year, we are running a special Tournament for this year’s World Cup Competition. As always we offer FREE entry for everybody that isn’t bothered about winning prizes, in fact in 3 of the last six Prediction Leagues we have run, the winner didn’t enter the prize leagues and just won the status of Top Predictor.

For those that do want to make the game even more interesting, we have set up a competition to run alongside the free entry version, so everybody is happy. There is over £160 in the pot so far and one person is going to be extremely happy come July 11th (may be more).

If you think you have got the best Prediction skills around want to play for fun and for free just go to the Prediction League page (click here) on site and register. If you are already registered then log in and go to ‘My Profile’, there you will see the entry for the World Cup Prediction League.

If you want to know more about the competition and the scoring system etc, click here.

Good luck to everybody who enters, and as you can see from the photo, Paul Langton went home a happy bunny after swooping £125 in the last league; this one is already growing to be a bigger pot, it has reached £160 already.

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