It’s been a goal fest of a weekend in the Premier League and it has shaken the Prediction League up no end. There is no halting for those who are in the Cups League either as another European week of matches take place.

Click to see Lightyear Recruitments site, full of parrt time and full time positions available from the Number 1 Recruitment Agency.The big mover so far this weekend in the Lightyear Recruitment EPL prediction League is lano23 that has launched themselves a massive 21 places up the league table with 68 points, but this tally was dwarfed by truelatic4eva who has a humongous 84 points this week with one more game to go.

With Manchester City yet to play West Ham tomorrow, the current leader of the pack is scholesblue by a single point from alanlad, they also in pole position for the £100 first prize with fletch in second and nicko576 in third.

For those that are entered into the Cups prediction league, there are eight matches this week with the Champion’s League and Europa Cup continuing, so don’t forget to put your scores in. All the Cups and EPL fixtures are in for the whole of October now.

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