The only way to make money while playing slots is to win. In order to win and have fun doing so, players should let go of their misconceptions about slot machines.

These misconceptions will leave you disappointed and unable to enjoy the game. We don’t want you to feel that at Daisy Slots.

Familiarising yourself with the facts about slot machines will keep you from getting disappointed and lead to more wins. Find below a few tips on how to make money by playing slots.

Stop Thinking That You Can Trick the Machine

This is probably the biggest myth when it comes to online slot machines. There is no for you to trick the machine. Each and every spin result is determined by a Random Number Generator. There is no pattern. A machine can go months without paying out or pay out three jackpots consecutively. The results are completely random and independent.

Play Responsibly

In order to make more money playing online slots, you need to spend the money that you do have wisely. If the money you make from playing slots is your main income then you are on the wrong track. It is so easy to overspend when you play slots. To prevent this you can draw up a gambling budget. When you reach that limit, stop playing.

Slot machines are random. So you have just as much chance of winning hit jackpot with one spins as you do with 1,000 spins.

Playing more does not increase your odds of winning.

Playing For Smaller Jackpots

The fact is that slot machines with higher jackpots tend to pay out less often than those with smaller jackpots. So it would be smarter to play and win smaller but more frequent amounts. You could play every day of your life and never hit that big jackpot. Are you really willing to spend that money in search of the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Become a Loyal Player

If you want to make money from slots, chances are you will be playing regularly. Almost all casinos offer some kind of bonus to their regular players. Whether this be on special occasions, or a top-up whenever you deposit. This bonus you can then use to play for free and possibly win some money. So it does actually pay to play more.

Play At Loose Slots

There might be no way to trick slots, but there are slots where your odds of winning are considerably higher. These are called loose slots. Slots that tend to pay out more often than other slots.

Choose Slot Games With a Higher RTP Rate

The RTP of a slot refers to the percentage of wagers that the slot will pay back to a player over time. If, for example, a slot has a RTP of 98% then you will receive 98% of your total wagers back over time. That is to say if you play at that slot regularly.

It is easy to have your head up in the clouds, daydreaming of what exactly you will spend that jackpot on. Actually playing slots will humble you. You will probably lose more than you win at first. But as soon as you figure out the best online slots to play and how to play responsibly, the money will start rolling in.

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