The Cockney Latic Prediction League was always a way we could show that Lawro actually knew more about the game than fans thought, but after a 3rd, 2nd and then 5th last season, he has failed on a monumental scale this time.

Mark Lawrenson was always slated on the message boards for his rubbish predictions and chants of him not knowing what he was on about. So when we started the Cockney Latic Prediction League we included his scores in the mix.

The first season he came third, leaving over 150 other predictors in his wake, a similarly decent second in the next season and 5th last term showed he knew more than what the vast majority of the ones who once slated him.

This season he has been a bit off par though; whether this is a blip or whether the knockers are now right we will only see, but it is good to see that even the experts don’t always get it right.

Lawrenson has in the past been very wrong with regards to Latics scorelines and with him predicting a 2-0 win to Blackburn tonight, I hope that tend continues.

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