Match Report. BURNLEY 0, WIGAN 1

by | Mar 11, 2023 | Match Report Archive, News

The Mighty ‘Tics

This was an atypical fingernail time, edge of the seat game, all 90 minutes. These 2 phenomena are usually reserved for the last 4 obligatory minutes.
It was like watching the Mighty Tics playing Citeh all over again. It is, after all, the 10 year anniversary, so why not have an action replay? The only difference being that possession was 8%, not 28% and Amos didn’t get a yellow card for time wasting despite the unusual stat that of any player on the pitch he had the most possession.
At half time news came through that Gary Lineker, Ian Wright, Jermaine Jenas, Alan Shearer and Gavin’s Mum were in the stand. forming a virtual picket.
Most of the Burnley players whose destiny is assured, with compassion wouldn’t cross the line. Despite having fewer players on the pitch, The Mighty ‘Tics possession stayed the same.
There was anxiety in the air; the players being anxious as to when their pay would come through. In the post match interview Maloney said “aye, I weeesh we could go back to the old days when you’d come into the changing room and there’d be a brown envelope in your shoe” (poor Albi Crusat had such small feet, he wasn’t the wealthiest player)..
For a moment Gavin’s Mum broke ranks from the picket line, leapt up and shouted “Give it feckin’ Gavin”. Theo, the only one who could remember Gavin put in a sublime Jordi-esque slide rule pass. Gavin leapt over the hoardings, security couldn’t catch him, around the defender, nutmegged the ‘keeper in it went 0 – 1. It was Leeds all over again. It was a bit like Hugo’s goal when he relied on the whistle not going and the ‘keeper just about dead from concussion.
A goal is a goal.
The massive away following suddenly thawed from the hypothermic state but could still see very little through the curtain of icicles; the leaking roof still hasn’t been repaired. Cripes it was cold.
3 massive points only to be instantly deducted because the computer has conked out, no one switched on and off, season tickets weren’t sold so the players couldn’t be paid. But we are awash with the best memories.
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