I let you know about M’Bami and his appearance at the DW Stadium before last weekend and it could well be before this weekend that he is unveiled as a new Latics player.

As I reported on Saturday night, out of contract Modeste M’Bami was over here to prove to Roberto Martinez that he was the man to gel the midfield and provide a much needed goal outlet as well. He agreed to train with and compete with the squad (what remains anyway) to secure a contract with Latics.

Sources are now saying that he is definitely impressing Martinez enough to get him that dream move to the premier League and that the deal could be in place by the time Latic’s boss gives his press conference on Thursday.

M’Bami’s contract was allowed to lapse at the end of last season even though Marseille put an improved deal to him, but the player has his heart set on playing in the Premier League. Portsmouth and Fulham told him to go away and get fit first before they would see him, but Latics have taken the risk and although he is only just recovered from an injury he looks to be the player Martinez was hoping he would be.

Modeste is no slouch having played for top clubs in Europe as well as breaking into a very good Cameroon squad in which he now has 26 caps with 7 goals to hi name. The 28 year old seems to have the right sort of attitude and commitment that Wigan want.

Martinez has said: “Modeste has a great pedigree and a great curriculum with top teams around the continent, he can control the tempo of the game with his ability and experience. He has a sharp brain, can see a pass quickly and can operate in a few positions around the midfield area. We’ll be assessing him over the next week and see what happens.”

It is good to see that we are still active even though the window is shut and M’Bami could well give Gomez that free reign that he so dearly wants in the midfield without having to worry about leaving a gaping big hole.

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